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Academic Programs Open To Foreign Students

(). The Disciplines and Specialties Awarding Bachelor’s Degree (schooling length: 4 years/5 years)


School of Chinese Language and Literature:

Chinese Language & Literature

Science of Broadcasting & TV News

Broadcasting & TV News

Chinese International Education

Radio and television director


School of economics and political science and law:


International economics and trade

Social work


Physical School

Physical Education

Social sports


School of Foreign Languages




Fine Arts College



Environmental design

Visual communication design

Products design


School of mathematics and computer science

  Mathematics & Applied Mathematics

  Information and Calculation Science

Computer science and technology

Software engineering

Internet of things project


School of Physics and Electronic Engineering


  Science and Technology of Electronic Information

  Electronic Information Engineering


School of chemical engineering and Food Science


  Chemical Engineering and Craftwork Technics


Food science and Engineering

Food quality and safety


School of mechanical and automotive engineering

Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacture & Industrial Automation

Industrial engineering

Vehicle engineering

Automobile Service Engineering


School of Civil Engineering

  Civil Engineering

  Project Management

Project cost



Educational School

  Education Technology

  Pre-school Education


School of Management


Geography Science

Tourism management

Logistics management

Financial management

PSA Public Service Administration


Music School


 Music Performance

Dancing Performance


Medical College

Clinical Medicine




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